Best Indian Dance Bars & Nightclubs in Dubai

indian dance bars in dubai

The nightlife of Dubai ranges from sophisticated to glamourous, laid-back to casual bars, and they are definitely worth experiencing. A wide array of Indian nightclubs and dance bars can be located in Dubai, which suit people of all age-groups and classes. Not only that, the miraculous Dubai even comprises of several Indian dance bars and night clubs dispersed in different parts of the city, which are always at your service in keeping you entertained. Some of the most renowned DJ’s and live bands perform here, which is accompanied by live music, loud thumping beats and the most amazing dance acts. The focus over here will be solely on the Indian dance bars in Dubai, so you will discover some serious Bollywood stimulated entertainment shows and programs.

Moreover, there are a few South Indian night bars too, which are catering for people who love South Indian music and movies. The majority of these clubs is situated within restaurants that chiefly specialize in Indian cuisine and want to incorporate live entertainment shows as well. The laws in Dubai are strict, so anyone below the age of 21 cannot enter, and at max the nightlife in Dubai can go on till 3am.

Indian Dance Bars in Dubai

If you want to enjoy some Indian music tonight, below is a list of some of the most famous Indian dance bars and nightclubs in Dubai, that one must surely not miss out on.

1. It’s Mirchi

A popular restaurant with a mouth-watering North-West Frontier cuisine of kebabs and an extravagant buffet which doubles up as a terrific nightspot, just after 11:30 pm onwards. It is accompanied with the best Asian dance tunes, allowing people to dance with another, hand to hand and shoulder to shoulder. This bistro featuring Indian night bar is located in Karama inside the Ramee Royal Hotel and offers a delicious barbequed dishes as well as an exciting variety for both non-vegetarians and vegetarians. The walls are adorned with framed photos of numerous Bollywood actors and actresses, while their song videos are aired on the TV.

The dance floor, which opens just after 11:30 pm is a terrific place to hit the dance floor and groove to the beats of Desi music covered by DJ Ronnie and many other guests. And to top it all, there is a karaoke competition every Friday night, which is enjoyed by many.

2. Bollywood Café

Yet another Indian dance bar located at Regent Palace Hotel in Bur Dubai is known for its soft live music and dance starting at 9:00pm -11:00pm. But once DJ Prashant takes down the stage, it gets a bit livelier as dancers groove to the beats of his fast Bollywood remixes. Bollywood café too is a restaurant cum club and the food here is accompanied by live entertaining sessions as well as staged acts. Sometimes, the club features a group of gorgeous looking girls who are dressed in Bollywood-styled glittering attires as they unenthusiastically perform on the loud thumping beats that are a collaboration of keyboardists, guitarists and DJ’s.

The food is simple but good, and chiefly for people who like to enjoy loud music, so you can find dishes like prawn curries, fried mutton chopsticks, potato cakes and like.

3. Chingari

This is probably one of the most happening places you will ever find in Dubai. It can rightfully be claimed that nightlife in Dubai would be not as exhilarating and thrilling as it is if it wasn’t for Chingari. This Indian themed night club in Dubai is situated in Avari Dubai Hotel and is a popular place amongst youngsters who like to meet up. Chingari is a terrific place to savor the delicious authentic flavors and spices of India. This Indian nightclub is a good venue to chill out and relax yourself, jump in the crowd and dance to all your worries and tensions away. Here, you cannot help but let yourself loose and dance to these amazing Indian tunes.

Visit Chingari for an all-night enthrallment as it packs up an all-embracing collection of in-house performers that dance to the melodies of rock, techno, disco, R&B and jazz music. It is also one of the recommended Indian dance bars in Dubai.

4. South Indian Nightclub

This particular nightclub is situated on Al Nadha Road in Fortune Plaza and has a South-Indian theme to it. The South Indian nightclub has a charm of its own as it makes sure to give a warm welcome to everyone. The visitors here appreciate the hospitality and unparalleled service provided by the South Indian Nightclub. The atmosphere and ambience is perfect for a nice soothing South-Indian entertainment session and even while sitting in Dubai you will almost feel like you have arrived at a customary South-Indian city.

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5. Copacabana

This place is just as appealing as its name, and like the name suggests it has a tropical touch to it. Copacabana is situated at Four Points near Sheraton at the Khalid Bin Waleed Street in Bur Dubai. The club is encompassed with beautiful cabanas on the poolside, sandy floors, bamboo railings and old-style furniture. You can expect a great deal of themed nights and energetic music as DJ Tushar hits the floor. Unlike other bars, Copacabana has a strict reservation policy and only people aged above 25 to enter can enter the premises.

People can enjoy premium quality food and beverages like cocktails, beer and expensive wines. With a breathtaking poolside, this is one of Dubai’s ultimate party place and one of the entertaining Indian dance bars in Dubai.

6. Antakshari Nightclub

This typical Bollywood-styled Indian dance bar also features a dining place and its ambience was designed especially while keeping in mind the Indian applicants. Positioned in Karama at the President Hotel, The Antakhshari Nightclub is a good place to sway to the beats performed by an array of live performers and some of the best Indian DJ’s in the house. It even holds a lounge bar and Shisha, which people really like to smoke during late hours of the night.

There are a multitude of Indian nightclubs and dance bars in Dubai. A lot of Indian restaurants in Dubai have a bar setting which hosts dance shows, live bands and people dancing to the funky beats of different genres of music. These Indian dance bars in Dubai invite the best DJ’s in town who play such enlivened Bollywood remixes that can’t help but bring everyone to the dance-floor. While in Dubai, once must surely plan a night out to enjoy Dubai’s enthralling nightlife.

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