Best Japanese Restaurants in Dubai to try Japanese Food

japanese restaurants in dubai

If your thing is to treasure an eatery that serves you fresh and traditional Japanese food in an alluring setting, then Dubai has a miscellany of such options that can certainly delight you with their luscious food menu. Dubai has a variety of refined and prohibitive Japanese restaurants in Dubai that offer an amazing variety of Japanese cuisine. Ranging from freshly prepared Sushi to wonderfully seasoned Tuna and Salmon, these posh eateries have a great array of Japanese dishes to fill their menu. In Dubai, you may find a fine blend of conventional and contemporary Japanese restaurants in Dubai with extraordinary savors, prodigious amenities and idiosyncratic feasting ambiance.

Best Japanese Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai has a marvelous assemblage of amazing Japanese restaurants which offer a wide range of traditional and appetizing Japanese cuisines. If you are enjoying a cheerful time in Dubai right now and planning to eat something delicious from the Japanese menu, then Dubai has a hidden treasure of indulging Japanese savors. To explore the best of Miso soup, Sushi, Peking duck, Sashimi or Onigiri, Dubai has so many authentic Japanese restaurants that serve typical customary Japanese flavors, and offer plenty of options that can surely gratify your desires of having traditional and delicious Japanese food.

Here revealed are the best Japanese restaurants in Dubai, which will please to with their best variety of Japanese cuisine.

1. Buddha Bar

If you are looking for an amazing night place in Dubai, with rooftop panorama, chill-out DJ tracks and some power-driven cocktails, then head towards Buddha Bar without considering an alternative. The Buddha Bar is one of the most famous Japanese restaurants in Dubai, as it has amazing food, great people and exquisite dinning configuration. You will likewise observe the staff to be very accommodating as well.

Despite the fact that soft beverages and cocktails are one of the frequently picked entrees at Buddha Bar, the food is exceedingly revered too. With an extensive list of options featuring Sashimi, beef tenderloin, Sushi and a myriad of starters and dips, Buddha Bar is a true sensation. Buddha Bar is located on the Grosvenor House Dubai – Al Sufouh Road – Dubai.

2. Kiku

When you stroll into Kiku, your happenstance will be with contemporary interior design and outline, excellent hospitality management and top notch Japanese food. The menu at Kiku is amazingly comprehensive, featuring almost all of the most famous Japanese cuisines along with those that you might have never tried before. In the event that you are seeking after something light, attempt a scrumptious serving of greens and seafood. Conversely, those who look for a large sprawling meal, then Bento boxes at Kiku will fix the trap. Scan the menu inclusively and you are assured to discover a flavorsome delight at this amazing place. Kiku is located at Le Meridien Dubai, Garhoud – Dubai.

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3. Sushi

Sushi is a perfect place for enjoying the Japanese food in a picturesque setting. Sushi is located in the Grand Hyatt, Umm Hurair, Dubai, and has very charming stylistic theme, pleasant ornamentation and amazing Japanese fare to gratify. The serving are fresh, crisp, extraordinarily unique and amazingly flavorful. Grilled and flame broiled platters are oftentimes requested and obviously, the Sushi nibbles too.

This is an incredible spot for the individuals who need to appreciate great food with great ambiance. Sushi also offers grand Sushi buffet in Dubai. The place is usually occupied therefore prior reservation is recommended.

4. Tokyo @ The Towers

Tokyo@The Towers is the ideal case of style, awesome service and incredible authentic Japanese food. The interior and ambiance here is super-chic and the staff transforms supper into an amazing display. With super fine Japanese dishes coming consistently to your table, you are certain to discover the bounty to eat with the greater part of the considerable determinations on the menu.

A few things you just need to attempt at Tokyo@The Towers include the tempura, surf & turf, sushi and sashimi. Whether you go for the food, ambiance or both, you won’t be disenchanted certainly. Tokyo@The Towers is located at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai.

5. Sumibiya

If you are looking for the finest Japanese cuisines in flavor and do not really care of the interiors and ambiance, then Sumibiya is certainly a worthy place to try out. It is a bit changed as compared to other Japanese eatery partners that are more decorated and glitzy; however the food is ultimately gratifying to please the taste buds and tends to persuade you to visit more often. Carpaccio starters are highly recommended here, in addition to anything which is prepared over yakiniku will entice your sense of taste.

The place is also quite affordable and charges you around AED 130 for starter, main course and a beverage. Sumibiya is located at Radisson Blu Hotel, Level 1, Baniyas, Deira Creek – Dubai.

These are some of the authentic and the best Japanese restaurants in Dubai, that offers signature Japanese dishes to the visitors. If you want to recommend a Japanese restaurant in Dubai, please do so by adding comments below.

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