Dubai Abaya – Your Guide to Abaya Shopping in Dubai

It is unsurprising that whoever loves fashion head to Dubai. In fact, lots of people travel to Dubai to shop their favorite piece of clothing, brands and to avail discounts. We all know that, being an Islamic country, Dubai is encumbered with a blend of traditional and modern Islamic heritage. Dubai Abaya is also consider to be an emblem of traditional muslin clothing. Abayas from Dubai are famous among Hijabi women all across the world.

People who are new to Dubai or travelling just for shopping purpose usually struggle to find the places where they can find hijab friendly clothes, abayas and hijabs that offer them the highest value for their money.

Top Places to Buy Dubai Abaya / Hijabs

Dubai is progressively trending to become one of the most sought after places to shop Abayas and Hijab among the Muslim population all over the world. Although, it is a little city, but still it carries the best of everything ranging from the sightseeing to fashion world. Several conventional clothing stores provide a great deal of beautiful and affordable Abayas, Hijabs and hijab-friendly clothing that is absolutely more than you may find in any other country – both in terms of price and variety.

For instances, ZARA – Dubai carries a wider variety of full length dresses and skirts in contrast to its stores in US. Here we have gathered best malls, souks and retail stores that offers you the best variety of Dubai Abaya at the best price, and you may choose the one that suits your needs precisely.

1. Malls of Emirates

It is probably the best place to shop for Abaya in Dubai, if you are looking for brands. Because here you can find all your favorite brands and stores right next to each other, so you don’t need to walk and search for hours to get to your favorite one. You can find ZARA here, which offers wide variety of hijab friendly dresses such as casual skirts, work pants and even long blazers that are perfect as everyday and work wear.

Also, there is a nice selection of long sleeve, long blouses perfect for a on the run mom. Other bigger names that you may find here include Mango and it also offers a beautiful range of long sleeve maxi dresses and dressy skirts that go perfect for any formal occasion. You can also find here Koton, Bershka, Promod and H&M and Forever 21.

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2. Abaya Mall

Have you ever seen an entire mall that is dedicated to selling gorgeous Abayas? Yes, Dubai has one of its own kind. The Abaya Mall is a mall that is solely dedicated to Abayas shops and designer stores that serves the local market of Mirdif (the most residential district in Dubai). Actually there are many such malls, but Abaya mall is the one that is the most famous. This mall provides a great array of different abaya stores and has recently started to carry more Emirati designer brands that are equally trendier to international brands and offer great quality.

Here, you can find several local Abaya Stores as well and you can also ask them for tailored/customized Abaya too. You can also choose between the ready-made pieces or can also chose from the available material, design and fabric, to get yourself a customized Abaya especially for you. Average price range started from 300 AED per Abaya.

3. Souk Naif

Ranging from accessories to clothes, bags, abayas, hijabs, perfumes, bakhoor (home fragrance) and mobile phone accessories, Souk Naif basically has everything that women usually love. This place is considered to be one of the favorite place for buying traditional Abayas in Dubai among Emirati women. There are hundreds of shops, and a boundless variety. But all you need to do is to bargain and bargain. You also need to look for the material quality used for the Abayas and hijab as there are various qualities that you may find.

It has stocked here everything that you can think of being related to abayas ranging from laces, chiffon, jersey, etc. Tourist usually fall in love with this place, as it is located in the heart of old Dubai tucked away between old buildings and narrow roads. This is your ultimate destination for buying hijab friendly clothing, abayas and kaftans in bulk. Price ranges starts from 100 AED.

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4. Abu Hail Mall

This mall is similar to the Abaya Mall and provides a great range of different abaya stores in Dubai. Abu Hail Mall is a three story mall which is dedicated to the Abayas retailers only. Abaya prices here are affordable and all the shops have their own tailors that are customer friendly and pleasant to assist you in giving measurements, suggesting design and finally stitching your customized Abayas.

Remember, you can always negotiate and bargain the price. One more bonus to Abu Hail Center is that it is only four min walk from the metro station. Abu Hail Mall stocks the better quality abayas with very trendy designs, and this is the reason a large number of Emiratis tend to buy their abayas from here. Average price range for abayas here starts from 150 AED.

5. Hanyen

Hanyen is an exclusive designer stores which has gained increased attention in past few year among the Emiratis. Hanyen has managed to grab attention by having very distinctive, fashionable and trendy Dubai Abaya collections. It has now become one of the leading providers of the finest collection of Abaya & Sheila all over Dubai and UAE. Hanayen’s collection is famous for Japanese fabric Abayas embellished with Swarovski crystals, feathers, French tassels and having rich hand and machine embroidery that ensemble their Abayas to ultimate perfection.

Hanyen currently has 6 stores in Dubai located at Dubai Mall – Arabian Court, Dubai Mall – Gold Souq, Mirdif City Center, Mall Of The Emirates, Outlet Mall and Deira City Center.

6. Louzan

Another luxury brand which offers premium quality Dubai Abaya and Sheila brand for modern hijabi women is Louzan Fashion. Louzan Fashion have perfectly blended the edgy styles with traditional cuts and their abaya styles are just perfect for everyday, formal and special occasions. They have an amazing collection of fabrics, stitching and finishes that are all combined together to deliver truly tailored fashionable abayas. If the Abaya is too long or needs adjustments they can quickly do it for you.

Louzan offers both expensive Abayas that can costs thousands of Dirhams and also the affordable customary yet elegant plain black abaya that starts from 300 AED. Louzan stores are located at Arabian Center, The Dubai Mall, Louzan Beach Center and Louzan Dubai Festival City.

If you are looking for Dubai Abaya, the above listed places are worth a visit. You can find traditional to modern Abaya’s and other Hijab collection from these shops. Please share your experience of Abaya shopping in Dubai by adding comments below.

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