Dubai Beaches – Best 5 Must Visit Beaches in Dubai

dubai beaches
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Nothing sounds better than the idea of basking underneath the parting sun rays while admiring the crimson sun that sets in the horizon above the clear sapphire waters. The bustling city of Dubai never stops, and so don’t the tons of lively Dubai beaches that all the more add beauty to the city.

Best of Dubai Beaches

There are several private and public beaches in Dubai, where lovers and families can head to and spend some private time lying by the shore, take a stroll hand-in-hand, or dive into the sea. The public beaches are mostly free to enter or can be entered for a small free, so you will find hordes of people picnicking and beaching about. Those who want to enjoy some solitude and peace of mind would pick Dubai’s private beaches, which are of course a tad-bit costlier.

Because Dubai’s culture reflects Islamic teachings and is based on Shariah laws, topless sunbathing and exposing of bodies is strictly prohibited. The proper beachwear is only permissible on the premises of the beach. The rippling and splashing crystal blue waters are the ultimate focus which is clearly visible from the mounting skyscrapers of Dubai.

Enjoy a pampering session at one of Dubai’s most iconic beaches. The golden sandy beaches, clear waters, swaying palms, and private cabins are a heavenly sight. People can participate in activities like surfing, paddle-boarding, kite surfing, swimming and even cycling or jogging along paths or on the shorelines. The beach bums will be delighted to know that Dubai is home to some of the best beaches, so check out this guide which features a list of best of Dubai beach venues that will be perfect to spread your towel and soak up some sun.

1. Mamzar Beach Park

Having won the blue flag beach status, the stunning and massive Mamzar Beach Park is claimed to be one of the most renowned beaches of Dubai. There are five beaches in bays surrounding the coast of the park, which is extremely popular amongst the locals, expatriates and tourists. Each beach has its own shelter area with separate changing and shower rooms. Moreover, there are private chalets with barbecue areas which can be rented for gatherings of family and friends.

Not everybody is fond of finding their way into the sea; these people can benefit from the two large swimming pools at the Mamzar Beach Park. Umbrellas and sun-loungers can be rented at cheap rates, and there are several grocery stores and eating spots dispersed around. The charges of the beach are AED 40 via car and AED 5 via foot. Mostly crowded on the weekends, Mamzar Beach Park is among the top Dubai beaches.

2. Jumierah Beach Park

Situated on the Jumierah road is an astounding beach with a pulsating and lively landscape of lush green gardens that will definitely soothe your soul. Spend long hours bathing in the sun underneath the sheltering palm trees and on top of the misty green grass. Jumierah Beach Park is a desirable public beach in Dubai, that too has acquired the Blue Flag status. You will find lifeguards at duty on the coastline, and several barbeque spots, cafes and eating spots, shady parks and a play area for kids.

The park had been temporarily closed because of the Dubai Canal Project. The park is undergoing renovations and refurbishments and will be operational soon. Normal entry charges are AED 5. Because of the strict Shariah laws that pertain in the city, the beach even has an all-ladies staff on the “ladies day only” who ensure that the beach stays tidy and neat for the comfort of women.

3. One and Only Royal Mirage

As a visitor who is in search of a high class, luxury-oriented beach in Dubai, then there is no better option than One and Only Royal Mirage. This miraculous beach has a beach line that stretches up to 1 km which exemplifies pure luxury and a grand stay. There are spectacular sea-facing rooms and altogether the resort takes pride is accommodating abundant luxuries with a royal touch of restaurants, hammams, spas and lots more.

The astounding strip of gardens and the harmonious symphony of fountains are a treat for your eyes. This Dubai beach is a classic and must definitely be visited once by the residents and tourists of Dubai.

4. Burj Beach Dubai

The Burj Beach is located at a short distance from Kite Beach, and sometimes you can even stroll between these two Dubai beaches. This renowned beach leads all the way to Burj Al Arab and stretches on a wide-spread land. Burj Beach is a nice place to relax, enjoy, and take part in sports like volleyball and football. The beach is gaining a lot of popularity, hence it is being upgraded to make space for more visitors. A running track is expected to be installed soon, with several other facilities. The mere idea of all these developments has stirred excitement and is rapidly attracting more tourists towards it.

5. Russian Beach

The Russian Beach is more commonly known as the Open Beach in Dubai. The beach got its name because the majority of the tourists here comes from Russia and parts of Europe, who enjoy hanging out at the beach. These foreigners are provided several facilities at the beach like tracks for skating, jogging and cycling, shower rooms, and toilets. A lot of tourists are attracted to the Russian Beach in Dubai as it hosts a wide array of refreshment spots and cafes which are lined up on the Beach road. The beach is free to enter, so you don’t have to spend anything in exchange of unlimited fun and entertainment.

These fantastic Dubai beaches are an excellent means of getting rid of boredom, and people often resort to one of the city’s most pristine beaches for having fun in the sun and spending quality time together.

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