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dubai facts
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If there is any city in the world that has gained so much attention in the shortest span of time, it has to be Dubai. The city’s fast-growing economic developments have been one of the most exciting events of the 21st century. Dubai is glowing, growing and attracting people from every part of the world. This cosmopolitan nation offers everything that completes a city – glowing skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, happening nightlife and thousands of visitors visiting throughout the year.

The city that was once a small economy has now transformed into a global city that is the hub of business in the Middle East, grabbing the attention of people from all over the world. The real-estate and tourism are the central factors that have driven Dubai’s economy, and the developments of the most innovative and state-of-the-art projects seem to be never-ending. This was a brief introduction of what everybody must be aware of about Dubai, but there are a few interesting Dubai facts that you probably didn’t know.

20 Interesting Dubai Facts

There are many Dubai facts that you didn’t know. Below is a list of some secrets that Dubai holds, and these 20 truly amazing fun facts about Dubai will be an interesting read.

burj khalifa
Photo Credit: Jason Mrachina

1. Biggest, tallest, largest structures

Dubai is home to some of the most beautiful and elevated hotels, biggest malls, artificial islands and marinas, and the biggest aquarium. These are the reasons which make Dubai so glamorous and appealing to millions of tourists who intend to pay a visit to Dubai at least once in their lives. Read on about Dubai tallest buildings for more information.

2. Zero percent crime rate

Ever seen a country where there are no criminal activities taking place? Dubai is a city where the crime rate is literally zero percent, and this is the primary reason why it is thought to be one of the few safest places on earth. The strict laws of Dubai have made this fantasy a reality in Dubai. Not only this, the people here are instilled with a high sense of morality.

3. Most populous city of UAE

Dubai is situated on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and is known to be Unite Arab Emirates’ most populous city, with a total population of 2,643,000 people residing in the Dubai, as of 2016.

4. 83% population is comprised of immigrants

Strangely, most of Dubai’s population comprises of people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Just 15-17% of the city’s population is made out of the locals called Emiratis, 50% of people from Asia while the remaining are foreigners.

5. One out of four cranes on Earth can be found in Dubai

The speed at which Dubai is growing and developing is unbeatable. Some of the largest and tallest buildings, hotels and skyscrapers in the world are situated in Dubai, and because the numbers just keep increasing you are bound to find at least 1 out of 4 cranes in Dubai. Almost 20% of the world’s cranes used for buildings are currently functional in Dubai at multiple construction sites. Another interesting and fun fact about Dubai.

6. No address system

It is not surprising that Dubai does not have any standard address system, because the speed at which it is evolving, it will be really hard to keep a track of all the addresses. Hence, there are no area codes, no zip codes, and obviously no postal systems. It is advisable to attach maps or specifically write down instructions regarding nearest locations.

7. Home to the largest gold chain

The largest gold chain in the world, which is 4.2km long and made out of almost 22kgs of gold can be found in Dubai. 9,600 people have purchased this chain in the form of necklace and bracelets. Also, Dubai is known as the “City of Gold” so you are bound to find a lot of retail shops that are solely dedicated to selling gold.

8. Ski Dubai

Did you know that Dubai Mall has its very own featured indoor ski resort? Ski Dubai incorporates an area space of 22,500 square meters, and you can locate the largest indoor snow park on its adjacent which covers a total area of 3,000 square meters. 6,000 tons of snow are produced here daily, and this just goes to show how developed the Mall of Dubai is. To make it one of the most interest Dubai facts, the mall has own penguins as well.

9. Tax Free

The reason which has attracted so many workers and people in Dubai has probably got to do with tax-free earnings. Skillful professionals and job hunters are coming to Dubai from different corners of the world in the hope of earning salaries without having to pay taxes. This amount that they save can then be sent back home as remittances.

10. Even the police has got style

You will be amazed to know the fact that the police fleet in Dubai is comprised of the most top-notch cars like Bentley, Lamborghini and Ferrari. These cars a beauty and it is these cops who add a more realistic touch to NFS. In addition, it can be said that the police spends an amount so huge that it is even more costly than sending your kids to college.

11. A city within a city

The city is always on its toes, and currently it is working on constructing a climate-controlled city which will cover 4.45 square km. The plan is to sport boardwalks along the ways, all of which will be air-conditioned. It intends to be 2.25 larger than Monaco, which covers an area of 2.02 square km. Dubai might finally come up with a solution to beat the uncontrollable heat.

12. ATMs that dispense gold bars

Who would have thought of something like ATMs dispensing of gold bars? In Dubai, there are ATMs that actually let give out bars of gold. These gold ATM’s are so popular that they need to be refilled twice a week. Yet, another interesting and fun fact about Dubai.

13. Robots that do camel-racing

One of Dubai’s most popular sporting events is of camel-racing. The size of the camel only allows children to participate in the race, however, due to illegal child trafficking Dubai has come up with a solution to stop this from happening. The ultimate solution was to build robots of the size of children and carry on camel-racing. This cost somewhere around $300 to $10,000 US dollars.

14. Aiming to become the largest tourist destination

As much as Dubai is progressing, the plans to continue growing are increasing more than ever. Another project which is called Dubailand is currently under process and is expected to be two times larger than the Disney World in Florida. It is anticipated that Dubailand will be the largest tourist point of the year 2020.

15. Residents of Burj Khalifa have to wait longer to break their fast

Want to know more interesting Dubai facts? Here is another. The Burj Khalifa, which is known to be the tallest building in the world is in reality so tall that the residents on the 80th floor and above actually have to wait a full 2-5 minutes to break their fast in the month of Ramadan.

16. Lots and lots of gold used in the Burj Al Arab interior

The interior of Burj Al Arab has been designed by using plentiful of gold. Approximately 1,790 square meters of gold leaf have been used in its interiors, an amount so huge that can be used to cover more than 46,000 paintings of Mona Lisa, The surface area of one Mona Lisa painting is 0.3869 square meters.

17. Seven out of ten tallest hotels are a part of Dubai

Burj Al Arab is the most iconic and third tallest building in the world. This luxurious hotel is given the shape similar to the sail of a ship, and is known to be the only 7 star hotel in the world. Read more about top 10 expensive & luxury hotels in Dubai

18. Strict Shariah Laws prohibiting drinking for Muslims

The city of Dubai practices the religion of Islam and follows strict Shariah laws, hence drinking and consumption of alcohol is only permissible for Non-Muslims, that too within hotels which have a license or at home if one possesses an alcohol license.

19. See wild animals lounging on the front seat

If you have been a frequent traveler to Dubai or are a resident of the city, then you will be aware of the fact that wild animals are often spotted sitting on the passenger seat. In Dubai, lions, cheetahs and leopards are the local pet of many.

20. Everything at the sky level

Whether it is playing tennis or dining at your favorite restaurant, everything is created and done at the sky-level. Most of Dubai’s skyscrapers, hotels, restaurants and bars are located at high levels, offering a bird’s eye view of the miraculous city. Read more about best breathtaking views & must see places in Dubai.

These are some of the interesting Dubai facts. If you want to recommend an interesting fact about Dubai, please do so by adding comments below.

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