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market research companies in dubai

Defining the terms “Market” and “Research”

The term Market Research is a blend of two words which can be broken down into “Market” and “”Research”. The area of Marketing focuses on the target markets and the 4 P’s of the marketing mix, namely price, product, promotion and place, which companies use for capturing a particular market. The area of Research is an intensive and systematic study which is conducted to acquire greater knowledge and understanding of a specific topic. Research is one of the critical constituent needed by marketers in order to derive good decisions and choose between various alternatives.

The Importance of Market Research

Market Research is a separate organization of its own and its basic criteria is to gather relevant details and information about the customers and appropriate target markets. It is essential for every business to perform a comprehensive market research to easily understand the customer requirements and which segment they want to target. Market Research Companies in Dubai enhance the decision making ability of marketers which keeps changing with the market surroundings.

Market Research Companies in Dubai

In order to better understand the need for Market Research in Dubai, a list of some of the city’s best market research companies is stated below.

1. Kantar AMRB

Belonging to one of the world’s greatest research consultancy corporations Kantar Group of Companies, The AMRB is a rapidly advancing agency of market research in Dubai that took start in 1999 in North Africa and Middle East regions. It functions all through the MENA region with its offices spread out in Riyadh, Jeddah, Cairo, Casablanca, Algiers and Dubai. Since the beginning, this agency has been working with multiple blue-chip clienteles belonging to different locations and categories from diamonds to personal care products to wireless technologies.

AMRB is proud of its ability to provide excellent solutions regarding the marketing issues faced by its clients. For all your research needs, you can rely on Kantar AMRB as it is one of the best market research companies in Dubai.

Address: 205, Arbift Tower (Now Called Al Masraf Tower) Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 6097400
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2. YouGov Market Research Agency

This agency that was established in the year of 2000 in the UK is known to be the pioneer of carrying out market research online. Their exceptionally integrated virtual model provides published and properly documented track records that demonstrate the precision of their survey methods and the excellence of service provided to clients. With its online model, YouGov can carry out researches across the globe and allow its clients to gain access to international results in reduced time and lesser costs, compared to traditional means. YouGov simply doesn’t compromise on quality. Now, it has several offices in the US, UK, Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Asia.

Address: Suite 302, Cayan Business Centre, TECOM, Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 367 0340
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3. Research Konnection

Research Konnection is a well-known market research company in Dubai that is known for conducting comprehensive market researches, offering a one-stop solution to all the budding firms and businesses that wish to set up in parts of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This boutique firm brings in an affluent experience of domestic demographics and markets that firms can tap into, providing a deeper understanding of all the reasonable approaches that can be applied to firms that have originated and those that are emerging.

It was initiated by Waqas Hassan in the year of 2014, a business researcher by profession. At Research Konnection, you will be thoroughly assisted in the areas of business setups, market research feasibilities, and business expansion plans in United Arab Emirates. You can simply rely on this company, as it is one of the known market research companies in Dubai.

Address: #707, Park Avenue Tower, Silicon Oasis, Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 50 164 1365
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4. Marketways Arabia

Another market research consultancy in Dubai called Marketways Arabia has excelled in the provision of qualitative and quantitative research for all the market segments in Dubai since the year of 2004. The firm has been working on various diversified scopes of projects covering the region’s chief industries. Marketways Arabia keeps coming up with creative means of conducting significant researches across the region while understanding the local environment. Information is gathered with precision, validated methodically and then interpreted by expert analysts who convey meaningful market forecasts.

Address: Office #2501, Clover Bay, Business Bay, Burj Kahlifa, Dubai, U.A.E, 127239
Phone: +971 4 442 5320
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5. Point Consultancy

At Point Consultancy you will be greeted by an array of highly experienced and creative innovators, thinkers and active doers who have been in this business for years and years now. These qualified professionals are experts at capturing quantitative and qualitative discernments in parts of North Africa and Middle East. Point Consultancy offers high quality market research in Dubai and are taking a step further from the conventional research approaches. Their passion for new hybrid techniques and contemporary research technologies such as eye-tracking, online research and social media measurement continues to exceed.

Address: Suite 2408, Concord Tower, Dubai Media City, P.O. Box 390683, Dubai, UAE
Phone: +971 4 4542628
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Dubai is rapidly advancing and that also on a continuous basis. With so many existing and new businesses emerging, every firm wishes to set its objectives and design detailed and accurate research methodologies for its industrialists to follow. Along with many others, these few market research agencies in Dubai use unique and distinctive techniques to incorporate the current market situations, which is essential for every firm to prosper.

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  1. Thank you Dubai Travel Team for acknowledging Research Konnection as one of the best market research companies in Dubai. We work hard to understand all our clients need, with the intention of providing authentic and reliable information through research.

    Founder & MD
    Waqas Hassan
    Research Konnection
    Dubai – UAE

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