Hakkasan – The Authentic Chinese Restaurant in Dubai

Anyone travelling from one country to another is likely to experience a change in everything, and though the purpose of tourism is to explore different places of attraction, at the end of the day everyone is in search of something good to eat. And, if it’s Chinese food that you are desperately craving, you will be happy to find some of the most authentic Chinese restaurants in Dubai. Feast upon their distinguishing range of dishes which are cooked live in front of your eyes.

About Hakkasan

Amongst a whole lot of them, Hakkasan is one of Dubai’s most reliable Chinese eateries where you can dine in a comfortable setting and at a low cost. The food here is unbelievably good, it surely deserves respect. Hakkasan is well-known licensed authentic Chinese restaurant in Dubai. Its premium quality food and services makes it a terrific place to devour excellent Chinese food.

The accommodations

This Cantonese restaurant lodges an indoor seating as well as an outdoor seating, so whether you want to enjoy a beautiful ambience inside or derive pleasure from lush greenery and Dubai’s most blissful sites is entirely your call. Altogether, the terrace incorporates a total of 112 seats and can cater to an additional 152 guests.

The food here

You can select from a wide array of delectable specialty dishes to the most renowned Chinese dishes that will seek immediate gratification. The most popular dish here, which is loved by everyone is ginger chicken with egg fried rice. Their comprehensive menu will make you look here and there and you will eventually discover food items that will meet your needs.

Additional pleasures

Not only can you relish the signature style dishes, guests can smoke world-class cigars and indulge in a cloud of smoke or order the most expensive wine and champagne.

Location and Timings

The Hakkasan Dubai restaurant is located on the ground floor of Emirates Towers Hotel, Trade Center Area in Dubai and is a top choice of many. It is operational 7 days a week for dinner starting from 6 pm onwards and every Friday for brunch from 12 till 4 pm. You can visit their Facebook page for more information.

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