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Petland Megastore
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Anyone who owns a pet will be thrilled to come across the most terrific pet shops in Dubai. Coming home and cuddling with your pet is the best thing you can do after an exhausting day of work. If you are an animal fanatic, then what better way would there be to soothe your heart than to head down to a pet store full of wonderful pets? Nonetheless, if you already have a pet, then you would definitely need to visit a pet store in Dubai to get its stock of food.

Petland Megastore

For your information, Dubai has local as well as international chains of pet stores. One such international pet store chain is of Petland Megastore, which is known for being the finest animal shops in the city. This is the largest retail outlet in UAE, which incorporates a total space of 450-500 square meter.

Animal Categories

The shop features individual departments that are entirely dedicated in taking care of their own kinds. There is a separate department for birds, dogs, reptiles, cats and fish and each department has its own supply of accessories and food items.

Service and Product Categories

At Petland Megastore, you need not worry about how your pets are being treated. The services and products are highly certified and can be trusted upon. The store has an extensive range of products and services for every breed and species of pets. There are trained groomers that groom these pets and take personal care of them. You can find walk-in services for dogs and cats as well as bath services. If ever you have to stay the night elsewhere, then you can hand over your darling cat or dog to Petland Megatore where they can stay overnight. Moreover, you can find premium quality accessories that are imported from the finest international chains.


Petland Megastore is a decent place for your pets and it is located on Sheikh Zayed Road near Noor Islamic Bank Metro Station in Dubai.
Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd, Near Noor Islamic Bank Metro Station – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 380 4343

Petland Megastore FB page

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