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If there is one thing that could excite an animal person then it’s a pet shop. The pet shops in Dubai are definitely worth visiting. If you have had a tiring day and want to re energize yourself, then a visit to an animal store is what you need. These stores are not only for people who own a pet; which means that anyone can come to admire these cute little animals.

Pets Habitat Dubai

One such pet store than can be sited in Dubai is Pets Habitat. As the name suggests, Pets Habitat breeds animals and takes care of them. This store has quite a reputation in the city and you can surely find home-bred healthy animals of all kinds. This is one of the best pet stores you can locate here. If you have any problem regarding your pet, Pets Habitat is the ultimate solution to your worries.

Category of Products and Services

Pets Habitat provides a wide range of animal services such as grooming your animals to relocating them in different places, as well as selling them to buying specific products for your pets that will suit them the most. There are all kinds of products and accessories here that is needed for taking care of your pet. People who have pets can avail all these services under one roof.

Purchasing a Pet

Those individuals who are fond of having a pet can purchase ethically sourced pets from Pets Habitat. These pets are healthy, and extremely friendly. The animals are raised and trained by professional masters.


The Pets Habitat store is located in the Barsha which is near the Mall of Emirates. This store is a one stop solution to any problem you have ever faced, and you the staff here will gladly be of service to you. Their address is Plot 373, Asacana2 Building, Dubai.

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