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skydiving dubai
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Skydiving Dubai from 13,000 feet above the Palm is an incredible experience on its own and is offered to locals and visitors from all across the globe. Coaching services are available for sky divers with years of experience and also full-service rigging loft with free load organizing.

The Desert Campus of Dubai skydiving service caters to all adrenaline junkies looking for a thrill-to-kill, nerve ending experience and who prefer to skydive alone. They offer First Jump Courses through the Accelerated Free Fall programme for skydiving beginners.

Skydiving Dubai

Skydiving Dubai can make your trip to the city the most intense and memorable experience. Here’s a few pointers to take notice of while planning a day for the best skydiving adventure in Dubai.

Skydiving Dubai depends on the Weather

Sky diving is a sport heavily dependent on the weather. The Dubai ground control team assesses the weather conditions before beginning skydiving activities for that day. The weather is constantly monitored by the team throughout the day.

If the weather is unsuitable, your skydiving Dubai experience might take a long time. The manifest team will announce an operational stand-by. The skydiving activities go on hold for a while, but the customers are updated every 30 minutes about the condition of the weather. If you are unable to skydive that day, you can get a refund and reschedule your visit to a later date. As soon as the weather conditions stabilise, visitors are reported by the authorities so that they can move forward with their plans accordingly.

It is important to remember that while you’re at the drop zone, pay attention to the instructions given to you from manifest and also from the announcement monitors on the wall.

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You don’t want your skydiving Dubai experience to be an uncomfortable one by not incorporating clothes that don’t absorb heat and are elastic. Sandal, boots and heels and highly prohibited as they might cause inconvenience. The local culture does not allow for men and women to wear clothes are too revealing or inappropriate at the drop zone. Learn more about things not to do in Dubai.

During sky dive you are not required to wear collar shirts or short shirts and shorts. No sleeveless shirts either and only T-shirts with long or short sleeves. If you forget to bring the right shoes, don’t fret. Shoe rental within the premises will allow you to rent tennis shoes for the ride. But it is highly advised to bring your own shoes in order to enjoy the sport of skydiving to the maximum.


First time skydiving Dubai activities are fun. Reservations for your seat are only made online on the service website through the live booking system. To guarantee your place on the plane, it is highly advised to the adventurers to keep a rain check on skydive Dubai date and time. Booking two months in advance of your visit to Dubai would be efficient if you are to waste no time.

Since skydiving is a weather dependent sport, it is best if you book tickets are the very beginning of your trip in order to avoid rescheduling due to the fluctuating weather conditions.

Arrival Time

You can choose your arrival time while booking your tickets. This is also the time when you can check in at the Skydiving Dubai registration desk right next to manifest. Once you have completed all the paperwork, you will be instantly scheduled for your skydive experience.

The Carry Essentials

Always remember to have a valid photo ID on arrival at the Skydiving Dubai experience. The reservation details such as the name under which the reservation was made, the copy of the filled manifest waiver should be carried necessarily or can also be downloaded prior to your arrival in order to be checked by the authorities. Passports can be used in place of your ID.

Payment Method

Skydiving Dubai accepts cash in Dirhams, Debit and Credit cards. No other currency is accepted, especially in cash. All the cafes accept cash in Dirhams as well. There is an ATM booth inside the main building.

Need to reschedule?

In order for you to have the best sky diving experience, the Skydiving Dubai service makes sure that even after extreme weather conditions, you are able to make the best of your Dubai trip by having a taste of skydiving at the Palm.

Individuals are provided with rescheduling services for up to 24 hours prior to the reservation date.

Are you ready for the best Dubai Skydiving experience now? Book your experience here.

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