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things to buy in Dubai

Shopping – It is pretty much the foremost reason for everyone to visit the Emirate of Dubai. Admirers of this Sun-dunes’ Kingdom always desire to buy as much as they can to take along from this incredible tourism spot. Spaced out from tourism; Dubai is a shoppers’ paradise too, because the shopping fanatics may find here everything that their hearts desire. The shopping nirvana of Dubai offers equal shares of delight to its visitors, buyers, tourists and locals.

The emirate is unquestionably the largest shopping central around the globe. Dubai shopping options have certainly added glamour and significance to the place as they consistently entice people from all over the world to come, enjoy, shop, relish and appreciate.

Best things to Buy in Dubai

Once you enter the Dubai shopping ecstasy; it’s hard to stop yourself; because every single shopping miniature caught your heart like anything. However, if you have decided to only buy the best from this gigantic lot that is displayed across the exquisite mall and souks of Dubai, and looking for the answer as what to buy in Dubai; then this list about best things to buy in Dubai could be of great help that won’t let you fail to recall.

1. Pashminas

Among the top items purchased from Dubai; beautiful and delicate Pashminas are the foremost. Pashmina shawls are the most sought after shopping items that visitors prefer to buy from Dubai. It is the something that you can’t go wrong while buying it for yourself or for your loved ones. Made of 100% silk, real cashmere shawls are super thick & soft and costs you around AED 250.

However, you may also find cheaper ones that are made up of viscose and their price range start from AED 30 only. You may find an extensive variety of Pashminas at Deira Souk. There are numerous stalls and shops where you can find all kinds of viscose and silk Pashminas. The best way to check one is to loop a corner around the finger and pull. Synthetic material, usually shoves and budget, however pure silk pulls through and through, but the fabric does not shift. Pashminas are also one of the recommended souvenir to buy from Dubai.

2. Rugs & Carpets

Carpets from Iran, Persia and Cashmere are the pride of Dubai Malls and Souks. Small size, handmade rugs and carpets are among the few good things that you must take along from Dubai. You may find a wide variety of high quality hand-made as well as knitted carpets in Dubai souks that you can take along with you at the best prices, just after a slight bargain. You may also find a fine display of posh carpets in lavish malls of Dubai. Some of the best stores to visit in this regard include National Iranian Carpets, Lata’s, Al-Jaber Gallery and Pride of Kashmir.

However, if you want to buy something at the affordable price; then you should head to the modern personified, air-conditioned and stunning souks of Dubai. These old Arabic style courtyards offer the best display of handicraft and carpets; yet the quality differs from those displayed in malls. So while shopping in Dubai; don’t forget to buy at least one for your place, as this beautiful reminiscence of Dubai is a must to take home along.

3. Gold

Gold always wins the race when it comes to buying the value to weight item from Dubai; and gratefully Dubai has its abundance. Plenty of this exquisite metal can be found in Dubai Gold Souk Deira (around and off Sikkat Al Khail Road). Dubai Gold Souk in Deira is among the largest gold markets in the world and the biggest in the Emirate too. The city offers duty free gold jewelry that is relatively cheaper and is of high quality. At Gold Souks, you can easily find smaller and larger gold ornaments and accessories that suits your budget and choice. However the key to get it on the ideal price is to keep on bargaining as long as you can.

4. Arabic Perfumes & Oudh / Bakhoor

Good fragrances always remind us of some time. Likewise, Arabic fragrances are one of their own; that is compassionate and benevolent and remind you of some great royal dynasties making you feel royal too. Arabic Perfumes are the majestic delicacy of Dubai that you can find easily in the malls and shops at the most affordable prices. You may find a large array of soft and catchy fragrances and can choose the one that suits your taste and personality.

Oudh and Bakhoor are the most famous fragrances traditionally worn and used by Emirati women and men. The mesmerizing scents of Oudh & Bakhoor are usually titled as the ‘Fragrances of Dubai’; as they are highly distinctive to recognize and to associate with the place. These fragrances are precious to take home along as this keeps you reminding about your memorable visit to the place. You can easily find Oudh and Bakhoor from Spice Souk or from kiosks in Dubai Mall.

5. Spices

The Arabian spices have the perfect taste and aroma that would certainly make your taste buds dripping and salivating. You may easily find these Arabian spices across the supermarket; however buying them from the local stalls in souk is remembering. Moreover, you may also find them cheaper over the stalls as compared to supermarkets. The Spice Souk near Deira is the most famous among all as it also presents a beautiful sight of colorful heaps of spices. Buying a small quantity from these scrummy spices will always bring ecstatic memories of Dubai to you; whenever you add them to your favorite recipes henceforth.

6. Frankincense & Myrrh

Although the place offers the best and the expensive too; still some small remembrances of the land are priceless. For instance, Frankincense, Myrrh, Orange blossom water (used in pastries, desserts or salads in Arabic cooking) and Saffron are those biblical-sounding knick-knacks and affluences of Dubai that no one can resist from taking them home.

7. Shisha Kits

Dubai is famous for its Shisha bars and Hookah lounges. If you are fond of flavored smokes, you may find one of the finest collection of Shisha flavors in Dubai, to gratify your craving and to highlight your style statement too. You can find a complete Shisha kit along with an assortment of flavors. You may also find Mu`assel individually. Mu`assel is the syrupy mix of tobacco containing vegetable glycerol and molasses which is used in Shisha to produce flavored smoke in a hookah.

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8. Arabic Almond Dates

Although the whole Middle East is famous for Dates; Dubai is particularly famous for its highly appealing chocolate coated almond filled dates aka ‘Bateel’. Bateel or Arabic almond dates are among the most common souvenirs that people usually take back with them to their places for themselves or to present their beloveds. Eye-catchingly packed in oval shape or carved like camels; Bateel are mouth-watering parades of scrumptiousness that you must lug along while greeting cheerio to the city.

9. Chocolates

People have might forget to notice; but this is fairly justified to say that Dubai has one of the best collection of chocolates just like Europe. While wandering around the malls, supermarket, souk or shops of Dubai, your happenstance will definitely be with the finest and superlative chocolates from all over the world. And it is highly endorsed to at least grab some boxes of these heavenly laced yummiest chocolates and situate them in your bag packs quickly. And never forgetting to put a small chunk in your mouth while being nostalgic for Dubai just after you say bye to the place.

10. Electronic Items

Dubai enjoys the status of a duty-free port, thus the price of electronic items is reasonable. The emergence of quality shopping malls in Dubai also tempts shoppers to buy electronic items. There are many electronic stores in Dubai, that offers home appliances, a complete range of IT related products, mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets. You can also explore online electronic stores in Dubai, that will deliver your order right at your door step.

These are some most famous things to buy in Dubai on your trip. However, you may buy a lot more items, depending on your budget and desires. For further suggestion on things to buy in Dubai, please add in the comments below.

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