Top 10 Must-Buys in Dubai – Shopping Tips to Dubai

These must-buy shopping items from Dubai should be in your bucket list.

5. Spices

Arabic Spices from Dubai
Photo Credit: Memphis Tours

The Arabian spices have the perfect taste and aroma that would certainly make your taste buds dripping and salivating. You may easily find these Arabian spices across the supermarket; however buying them from the local stalls in souk is remembering. Moreover, you may also find them cheaper over the stalls as compared to supermarkets.

The Spice Souk near Deira is the most famous among all as it also presents a beautiful sight of colorful heaps of spices. Buying a small quantity from these scrummy spices will always bring ecstatic memories of Dubai to you; whenever you add them to your favorite recipes henceforth. Other then Spice Souk, you can also buy these special Arabic herbs from hypermarkets, shopping malls and local shops.

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