Top 10 Must-Buys in Dubai – Shopping Tips to Dubai

These must-buy shopping items from Dubai should be in your bucket list.

3. Pashminas

Original Pashmina Shawl from Dubai

Among the top items purchased from Dubai; beautiful and delicate Pashminas are the foremost. Pashmina shawls are the most sought after shopping items that visitors prefer to buy from Dubai. It is the something that you can’t go wrong while buying it for yourself or for your loved ones. Made of 100% silk, real cashmere shawls are super thick & soft and costs you around AED 250.

However, you may also find cheaper ones that are made up of viscose and their price range start from AED 30 only. You may find an extensive variety of Pashminas at Deira Souk. There are numerous stalls and shops where you can find all kinds of viscose and silk Pashminas. The best way to check one is to loop a corner around the finger and pull. Synthetic material, usually shoves and budget, however pure silk pulls through and through, but the fabric does not shift. Pashminas are also one of the recommended souvenir to buy from Dubai.

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