Top 5 Costume Shops in Dubai for every Occasion

Costume Shop Dubai

Cosplay lovers of Dubai are mollycoddled for their Cosplay (costume play) selections, when it is about choosing a costume for a Halloween party, theatre play or for celebrating a themed birthday party. Ranging from the costumes of Super Heroes to Pirates and from Disney to Halloween characters; Cosplay lovers may find each and every costume they may look for. Dubai has a substantial number of fantastic costume shops that rightly offers you a great costume assortment to make your parties and events more engaging and enjoyable.

Costume Shops in Dubai

If you are a party lover; you must love Cosplay too. Having themes has been always fun; and fancy costumes bring value to your events and allow you to fantasize your favorite character, story or event. Costume shops in Dubai offer a wide-ranging collection of costumes, where you may find brand new as well as second-hand costumes on rent too.

Here are some of the famous costume shops in Dubai that gives you a wide choice of costumes to add fun to your parties and events.

5. Fancy Dress Hire

Looking to save few Dirhams? Then Fancy Dress Hire is the right Dubai costume shop, as it offers a wide range of costumes for rental. The place has a considerable assortment of costumes and accessories. Most amazingly Fancy Dress Hire operates 24 hours; which means that if their store is closed; you may just call or text them to order your favorite costumes. Fancy Dress Hire charges 100 AED along with a small deposit to rent out any particular costume. Fancy Dress Hire is located in Jumeirah Park, Dubai.

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