Top 5 Mexican Restaurants in Dubai to try Mexican Food

mexican restaurants in dubai

If you are looking for a restaurant that serves you steaming hot and delectable Mexican cuisines in tempting ambiance then, Dubai has numerous options to please you. There are numerous Mexican Restaurants in Dubai that stand out for their food, service and ambiance. Dubai has a great assemblage of refined Mexican restaurant that offer an amazing variety of Mexican cuisine in their inclusive international menu. Ranging from Tortas to Mole Poblano and from Guacamole to Pates, these noble eateries have an extensive miscellany of Mexican entrees to make their menu lacier.

In Dubai, you may find a fine composite of Mexican restaurants that are all set to delight you with their premium zests, phenomenal services and eccentric dining atmosphere.

Mexican Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai owns a vivid pool of delightful Mexican eateries which offer an extensive variety of customary and appealing Mexican gastronomies. On the off chance that you are getting a charge out of a sprightly time in Dubai at this moment, and wanting to eat something delightful from the Mexican kitchen, then Dubai has a concealed fortune of reveling Mexican appreciates.

To investigate the best of the Mexican kitchen, Dubai has such a large number of authentic Mexican restaurants that serves delectable Mexican savors, and offer a lot of choices that can certainly satisfy your cravings by having a scrumptious Mexican food fuel.

Here revealed are the best five Mexican restaurants in Dubai, which will please to with their best variety of Mexican cuisine.

1. La Pachanga

Stopover Pachanga, if you are looking for an exclusive South American eatery. Here you will find amazing Mexican food ranging from Wagyu Steak to Fajitas. The ambiance, food and cocktails are so energy driven here. Pachanga is one of the most famous Mexican restaurant in Dubai that offer great atmospheres, excellent service and exceptionally flavorful food delicacies. Celery infused tequila and beef tacos with jalapeno are the one to try out here. La Pachanga is located at the Hilton – Dubai Marina.

2. Cactus Cantina

To check out the authentic Mexican culinary culture, head to Cactus Cantina as this place will offer you to enjoy the traditional Mexican cuisines – the right way. It is one of the most famous Mexican Restaurants in Dubai that is well-known for its authentic Mexican flavors. Ranging from the classics of the Mexican kitchen to triple cheese quesadilla and from flat-iron fajitas to an enormous collection of ripened tequila, every entrée at Cactus Cantina squawk for true Mexico. Some delicious delicacies to try out here include crispy or grilled battered fish, Baja fish tacos, traditional Mexican coleslaw, chipotle sauce, pico de gallo salsa. It is located on the 1st Floor, Wafi Mall – Dubai Healthcare City.

3. Loca Bar Restaurant

Loca is one of Dubai’s best Mexican restaurants and lively bar for relishing Mexican cuisines. Loca Bar Restaurant is a perfect place for enjoying the Mexican food in a chocolate-box setting. The venue shows off excessively through its sporting mirror fixtures all around. Loca is positioned at the Dubai Marina Resort & Spa, and has very charming stylistic theme, pleasant embellishment and amazing Mexican fare to delight. The startling Mexican vibe is something that you will from the moment you stroll in. Encumbered with lip-smacking drinks and famous entrees like tamales, fajitas and burritos, Loca has too much to please you. Head towards the place to enjoy a casual night out with friends.

4. Maya by Richard Sandoval

With the romantic vibe and contemporary interior design; Maya is the fabrication of award winning culinary artist Richard Sandoval, who also runs two more restaurants under the similar brand name in New York and San Francisco. Maya offers amazing authentic Mexican food in Dubai with modern concept creations. Their beef fajitas with a plateful of rice and beans and Tacos De Barbacoa are to die for.

Talking about the atmosphere, Maya is an ultimate pleasure each way, either you use to dine indoor enjoying its vibrant interiors or to feast at its relaxing deck while enjoying the green grassy panorama of Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa. It also offers exclusive cigar tavern and tequila chamber to add value.

5. El Chico

El Chico is widely known for its deliciously generous servings of fajitas. The place is lively and vibrant and offers the best variety of modern Mexican food in Dubai. The food is ultimately gratifying to please the taste buds and tends to persuade you to visit more often. Pina Coladas of El Chico are highly recommended, in addition to anything that you order to entice your sense of taste.

The place is full of memorabilia and offers a vibrant atmosphere, being closely located to the Jumeirah beach. El Chico is situated at GM 10, The Walk, Al Sufuoh Road, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina.

These are some of the best Mexican Restaurants in Dubai, which offers a complete range of Mexican food to the visitors. If you want to recommend a Mexican restaurant in Dubai, please do so by adding comments below.

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