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meena bazaar dubai
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Meena Bazaar is an ethnic Indian wear selling brand that came into existence in the year of 1970’s. This now renowned brand was then initiated by Mr. Vishnu and Mr. Suresh Manglani. What once started off as a small saree selling store has now grown into a large scale leading retail brand which is recognized worldwide by Indians.

Meena Bazaar Dubai is typically known for its exquisite and exclusive range of beautifully woven Indian wear like Sarees, Lehengas, Suits, Gowns, Kurtis and Anarkali style dresses. Their outlets are mainly located in the most populous and chief cities of India, as well as progressing rapidly in other cities of the world.

If you are in search of beautiful, neatly crafted ethnic Indian wear which are designed with utmost precision at the best price, then Dubai Meena Bazaar is the place to go to.

Meena Bazaar Dubai

Originally the Meena Bazaar was called Cosmos Lane, but ever since the taxi drivers of Dubai saw such nicely dressed mannequins in the clothing stores on Al-Faheidi Street they started calling it Meena Bazaar. Then in 1970’s, one of the shops in Dubai, Shardha Trading switched its name to Meena Bazaar and this is when the name took its place. Presently, Meena Bazaar Dubai is the best option if one has to shop for old-fashioned, traditional Indian style clothes.

Where is Meena Bazaar on the map of Dubai?

The Meena Bazaar shopping destination is situated near Khalid Bin Waleed Street in Bur Dubai. The easiest way to get there is by means of a car, because there are many parking lots, but you will be very lucky if you can spot a parking space for yourself. If you want to have a stress free shopping experience, then its better you grab a ride or use public transportation to get there, to avoid the hassle of finding a parking space. One way is to catch the C7 bus, which stops at Faheidi Roundabout, or through the Dubai Metro, which will drop you off at the Al Faheidi Metro Station 2.

Jewelry and Diamond Shops

Meena Bazaar’s first ever jewelry shop was formulated in 1982 after a lot of Deira Gold Souq’s gold stores switched to this area due to cheaper rents. The Meena Bazaar shopping area is presently filled with a wide array of gold and diamond shops where beautiful half-priced jewelry items can be bought. Shoppers who are fond of jewelry will have an enjoyable time going across an endless strip of jewelry shops that are loaded with gold, silver and stone of every hue in the market.

Shopping for Electronic Items

In case you want to bargain on good quality electronic items and appliances in Dubai, then this is the ultimate market for you. There are some really nice low priced items in Meena Bazaar Dubai, such as LED televisions, gadgets and numerous other entertainment and household goods. Also, you should not feel ashamed to bargain for a good price because there are high chances that you will benefit from a good transaction.

Spending your day at the amazing Meena Bazaar

The place is packed with people, but you will still be compelled towards the most popular shopping spot of Dubai. Spend an entire day at Meena Bazaar Dubai because there are so many things for you to see and do here. Consider yourself lucky if you end up finding a parking spot.

Most of your day at the Meena Bazaar market is bound to be spent walking, looking and admiring the mannequins wearing jewelry and traditional sarees. This lively market proudly boasts fabrics, clothing, repair shops, several places to eat and authentic imitations of Indian style jewelry. People who are in search of something that can be tailored to their size can select from hundreds of clothing stores that host every shade and hue of colour, various types and qualities of cloth material, laces, sequins, and lots more items to adorn their dress.

Once the selection is made, you can give the materials to the tailor who will make the necessary measurements and create a made-to-measure dress that can be collected in a few days. Apart from that, you can stroll from one lane to another browsing just about anything that you need from footwear to perfumes to dry fruits to gadgets.

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At the Meena Bazaar Dubai, you will find people of diverse cultures and nationalities like Arabs, Afghanis, Indians, Africans, Pakistanis and sometimes even foreigners who want to experience a change. Several hawkers can be spotted in the lanes with their stalls who are shouting and inviting you to see and buy from their collection of supposedly branded products like bags, watches, shoes and designer sunglasses.

Although not really branded, there is nothing bad about purchasing such things, and that also at such a high bargain. You can take a lot of items from here back home for special occasions, and devour a range of cuisines, both local and international. A wide array of Punjabi, Indian, Arabic, Pakistani and International cuisines are open through the day and night that are always on their toes to serve people after an exhausting session of walking and shopping. Prepare to be spell-bounded, because you surely wouldn’t want to miss checking out this lively and cheerful Meena Bazaar while in Dubai.

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