Try “Early Bird” for Online Grocery Shopping in Dubai

Dubai is a paradise for people who love shopping, and you can hunt for grocery items, electronics and other households in a blissful setting. Over a span of years, it has slowly and gradually undergone remarkable developments, and one of them is advanced shopping methods and e-retailing. Dubai offers you tons of opportunities to shop online for premium quality products without exerting much effort and wasting time. The online grocery shopping Dubai saves you from the hassle of heading down to the store, consuming fuel, and spending an hour two on shopping for the simplest items.

About Early Bird

One of Dubai’s top-rated online grocery shopping store is Early Bird. Your decision to shop here will be an excellent one provided how particular you about groceries. Early Bird makes sure to get your groceries supplied to you right at your doorstep, and once the process is complete you will be content for making the decision to shop here.

How to shop

Visit their website to discover an extensive range of grocery items and electronic gizmos. The process to shop online from their website is not at all complex and you really don’t need to register yourself before starting with the purchasing process.

Product categories

The website also entails a comprehensive collection of makeup and beauty products, home appliances, home décor and housekeeping, pet items,  processed food, fresh organic substances, breakfast and confectionery items, beverages, dairy products, spices and condiments, sauces, snacks, frozen food, TV dinners and ready to eat mixtures, and a whole lot of featured goods.


If you are a frequent purchaser of groceries, say once a week, then you will be subjected to free delivery. Besides that the shop charges a small amount in exchange for their services. Here, you have the liberty of choosing the time and destination of delivery.

Promotions and Discounts

You will find so many things happening on their website, and they keep offering customers with plentiful of promotional offers and exclusive discounts. Also, if you place an order online, but collect the items from any of the points specified by them, then you can avail a 7% discount on the entire purchase.


This number one online supermarket chain is functional 365 days a year and lets you place your order anytime from 8:30am to midnight.

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