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Dubai Nightlife – Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Dubai at Night

things to do in dubai at night

Are you big on nightlife? If you love being extravagant to your night-fun, then Dubai is the place to be. The city attracts night-fun lovers to enjoy beautiful nocturnal highlights, sparkling luminosities, glorious frames, glamorous venues, mouth watering food menus, startling music, electrifying dance floors, marvelous resorts and captivating Dubai nightclubs. Dubai has a bounty of nightclubs, bars, dining spots, music lounges and all other night activities that are associated to this desert shingle and can certainly fabricate your nights more colorful and vibrant.

Fun Things to Do in Dubai at Night

Dubai is fishery of night fun, nightly sights, bars, clubs, etc. Although, due to some religious and cultural conservativeness, most of the night- fun has been confined to hotels, yet there are a lot of things that you can exceptionally enjoy. Nightlife in Dubai is relatively pricey, as it has been majorly restrained to exclusive luxurious Dubai hotels and resorts, the services are relatively expensive.

Here are some of the most fascinating activities and fun things to do in Dubai at night.

1. Desert Night Safari

Nothing could be more exciting than planning a night stay trip to Desert Night Safari. The amazing view of the desert accompanied with starry sky, belly dance, bonfire, customary scrumptious Arabic meals and thrilling 4 wheel-drive is one of the biggest attractions of the city. Although you can enjoy the place in the daylight; however nightly excitement of the desert is laudable. The night trip to Safari can be planned at least with 6. There are several tourism operators that can arrange your trip for the perfect night desert Safari. This signature activity should be in your list of fun things to do in Dubai at night.

2. One & Only Mirage Dubai – Jetty Lounge

Jetty Lounge is one of the most enticing and alluring resorts and a sea-facing lounge to spend an evening. The resort exquisitely connected with the beach and offers prime seating arrangement to enjoy the beauty of the beach and the extravagance of the meals, drinks and lounge music simultaneously. The place has quixotic ambiance that offers you to enjoy a perfect night out. If you come early to this place, you can also enjoy the breathtaking views of Dubai sunset.

3. VU’s

What could be better than being over the 51st floor of the most perceptible megalith – The Emirates Tower; while enjoying cocktails with your friends and loved-ones. Although it is too expensive, it offers you to choose from an array of 200 cocktails. VU’s bar offers an exotic ambiance and allow you to enjoy the sunset sight of Dubai before you got too much into the chic intricacy of the place. Additionally, don’t forget to get charmed by the neon glow of the city while enjoying your late night drinks.

4. Skyview Bar

Up to the 27th floor of the great Burj-ul Arab, the Skyview Bar offers you one of the best food and aerial view of the city. To enjoy the beauty of the city outlined with the sparkling illuminations, grab your schooner to stand alongside the outer glass-wall. The place also offers you one of the finest variety of cocktails alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. A bit pricey, but matchless things to do in Dubai at night is to be at the Skyview Bar at night.

5. Uptown Bar

If you feel like to feel the very original of the Middle East, then the Uptown Bar is your thing to be for a perfect night out in Dubai. Located over the rooftop of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Uptown is the best place to sit and relax while feeling the cool northwestern breeze and appreciating one of the finest sights of Dubai. It is one of the elite place to enjoy jazz music in Dubai, along with excellent variety of tapas, champagnes, vintage wines and cocktail.

6. 360 Lounge

One of the most beautiful circular venues that offers you to oversee the mesmerizing sights of the Burj-Al-Arab and the glittering coastline. The place has successfully managed to be the one of the finest nightlife abode in Dubai. Weekend arrangements are specifically famous here; which include DJ nights and electrifying dance floors. Below the club is situated ‘Marina Restaurant’ that could be your place to relax before you get into drinks, party and Shisha upstairs. For a fun nightlife in Dubai, a visit to 360 Lounge should be in your list of things to do in Dubai at night.

7. Boudoir Dubai

This place reminds you of the French Court where you only enjoy luxury. This is one of the most elite clubs and bar that specifically serves high-end customers. Boudoir is exclusive and extravagant with glamorous ambiance, expensive meals and drinks. Plan this place for a special occasion only as this will going to cost you a bit. For luxury, elegant and classy, a visit to Boudoir Dubai should be in your list of fun things to do in Dubai at night.

8. Al Pasha Restaurant & Keyclub

If you like to enjoy the authentic flavors from the Middle East, then Al Pasha Restaurant & Keyclub will certainly deliver you the best. The place also offers you affordable entertainment including Shisha, ladies night, theme night, dance floor, etc. The original Arabic environment and dreamy arrangements give you a complete essence of Middle East.

9. Trilogy & Centimetro

Among the best of Dubai night places, Trilogy is very idiosyncratic with distinctive Moroccan ambiance. The club is divided into three levels to suit the needs of minglers and revelers. The palace offers a unique, relaxing environment with great food, music and drinks. If you want to be on your toe all night & enjoy a great music and ambiance, a visit to Trilogy is a must-try things to do in Dubai at night.

10. Dubai Fountain

One of the most pleasant sight to enjoy is Dubai Fountain that offers marvelous music and light show. Erupting after every 20th minute between 6 to 11pm, Dubai Fountains offers an amazing view of music, water and light. To enjoy thoroughly, make a prior reservation at the poolside restaurants.

These are some of the fun things to do in Dubai at night. There are plenty of other Dubai nightlife fun activities as well like bowling, visit to the creek side and others. If you want to recommend a nightlife activity in Dubai, please do so by adding comments below.

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