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Until and unless you are fully packed, your expected stay in the UAE is bound to short and it is advisable to make the most of your trip. Usually people choose to visit Dubai or any other city for a short vacation, and this would include taking a day out and going down the famous Sheikh Zayed Road to your next door neighbouring emirate city. Since Dubai is the most frequent and popularly visited city, you absolutely cannot miss visiting Abu Dhabi and overlook its beautiful attraction sites such as Yas Island and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Similarly, if you are visiting the capital city of UAE, Abu Dhabi then you simply can’t be so close to Dubai and not experience the remarkable tourist spots and city wonders like Burj Khalifa, the tallest ever building in the world, or sipping at the world’s only 7 star hotel, Burj al Arab.

Dubai to Abu Dhabi distance & traveling time

The actual calculated distance between Abu Dhabi and Dubai equals to 65 miles by air. The two cities are barely 90 minutes away from each other, and there are various means of getting to Abu Dhabi from Dubai and the way back. Abu Dhabi is situated on the southwest of Dubai down the well-known Sheikh Zayed Road and with so many modes of transportation available, travelling between these two cities is quite affordable and easy.

As a tourist, you have absolutely no reason to come this far and not make a visit from Dubai to Abu Dhabi (or vice versa) even when you are connected with the most suitable conveyance methods. Travelers can choose from the following mediums of transportation as per their convenience.

1. Dubai to Abu Dhabi via Taxi

When your current destination is at Dubai International Airport during the time frame of 11:00 pm to 6:00 am then the only possible option of travelling to Abu Dhabi is through a taxi, unless you rent a car. A one way taxi drive from Dubai International Airport to Abu Dhabi costs AED 300, and it is an extremely safe way of travelling. Private taxis are a really quick and stress free medium of getting to your desired destination, Abu Dhabi. Sometimes the ride can be quite exhilarating, but usually these cab drivers are well-trained and the main roads are in great condition.

Drawbacks: Because these cabs are impeccably clean, air-conditioned, comfortable, and metered, you are expected to pay a considerably higher price than you normally would if you use public transports.

2. Dubai to Abu Dhabi via Bus

The bus system is rather convenient as they depart from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station after every 20 minutes in Dubai. The Al Ghubaiba Metro Station provides a quick ride to the bus station from the Dubai International Airport as it is only a few blocks away. These buses are large, luxurious, fully air-conditioned and will take you to Abu Dhabi in two hours at a cost of just AED 25, and AED 15 on the way back to Dubai.

The route operates in union with the Abu Dhabi and Dubai Transport Authority, where the buses that belong to Abu Dhabi charge AED 15 for each ride back to Dubai. The first bus leaves at 6:00 am and the last one at 11:00 pm. The bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi usually stops near Yas Island. The front seats are reserved for families and women specifically, while men can sit at the back. The public bus is considered to be the cheapest means of travelling between these two cities.

3. Dubai to Abu Dhabi via Etihad Coach Service

Those passengers who are flying with Etihad Airways in economy class can acquire advantage by using the free Etihad coach service that takes you from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, and the way back. However, reservations have to be made 24 hours prior to your trip. Bookings can be made by calling their office, or through their official website. This complimentary coach service lets economy class passengers avail the chance of travelling in a luxury coach.

Drawbacks: Please note that the coach service can only be availed by commuters arriving at Dubai or Abu Dhabi International Airport on the very same day they arrived. If you avail this service on any other day, then you will have to bear a cost of AED 80 one way.

4. Dubai to Abu Dhabi via Rent a Car

There are a lot of car rental companies located across the various cities in United Arab Emirates. They are quite cheap and affordable and can be found everywhere near shopping centers, airports and hotels. There are a few toll free highways in Dubai, but a few things that must be noted are that the driver must have a regular as well as an international driver’s license. Secondly, this rule becomes stricter if your license isn’t in English. Rent a car from Dubai with major companies like Alama, Budget, Thrifty, Sixt, Dollar and many more for less than $100 a day.

5. Travelling to Abu Dhabi via Emirates Bus

Just like Etihad Airways, Emirates Airline also offers complimentary shuttle rides for all its economy class travelers who fly in and out of Dubai on Emirates Airline. Here, reservations must be made online or through their call center at least 48 hours before the flight to avail free service on the same date of arrival.

Drawback: The shuttle service can only be accessed by passengers who arrive or depart from the Dubai International Airport.

These are some of the best ways to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Some people also opt for sharing taxi option, but it is not recommended.

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